Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today is bright and sunny warm, even if the breeze is a bit strong. We went to my brother's parish for the holiday. I think there must have been at least 300 people at the English Mass this morning --- it was nearly standing room only.

Sounds like Mass is out and the egg hunts have begun. They do it in age groups so the little ones get some candy. One year it was pouring so they had to be staged in the parish hall. It turned into a free for all, at least with the older kids.

I was the Easter Bunny's helper this year, so I made sure that my goodies did NOT include any licorice jelly beans. Bleahhh! On the other hand, that leaves more for those who like them. :o)

Have a Hoppy Easter!


Chris Stone said...

Kids Easter egg hunting is fun! Enjoy blogging!

Anonymous said...

9am Mass on Easter had about 600 people. Same for 11:30. So about 1600 for the whole weekend. Pretty good, but a little off from last year (which was our record year)