Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Annivery!

Today is my parents' 58th anniversary. Not only that, it's also the 60th anniversary of the day they met in a semi-blind date. Dad worked with my Aunt Rose, and she offered to see if her sister Louise would like to go to some function with him. They've never really looked back.

They've had 58 years of married life, 7 kids, 14 grandkids, and too many cars to remember --- and exactly 2 homes. They bought their first home while engaged, and moved in a few months after the wedding. After living there 9 years, they built another house, where we still live. Dad plans to die here, too. In comparison, my eldest sister has lived in Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, California, Virginia, and Colorado since she married a naval officer in 1974.

Considering that they're both over 80, their health is pretty good. They still drive, but the days of cross country road trips are over. We used to do a circle tour of the sisters who lived on the east coast, :o) but only one is left there now.

They gave us lots of advantages: 12 years of private school, cross country vacations (including taking 7 kids to Montreal for Expo '67), visits to museums, most college expenses for those who wanted to go, and much more. At least 2 of my sisters have said they've realized how lucky we were to have parents who did so much for us. We didn't get everything we wanted, but they made sure we got what we needed.

I don't say it often enough, but I love you, Mama and Daddy.


Anonymous said...

I do too!

AuntDsHandcrafts said...

Congrats to your parents! I hope my husband and I make it to 58 years. 7 down only 51 more to go :)

Debs said...

Wow, that's fantastic. Congratulations to them. They sound like pretty amazing parents to have :-)