Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Great Scissor Hunt

Over the years my mother and I have gotten tired of saying "Have you got the little scissors?", so we've gradually worked our way up to 4 pairs. The old Wiss pair are in the utility room to snip threads when we're ironing, and we have 3 pairs of Gingher embroidery scissors --- one at her machine (one splotch of nail polish), one at mine (no polish), and one for the sewing pouch for travel (two splotches).

Three weeks ago (more or less) I used the spare pair for a project and left them on the little table between the recliners. Two weeks ago I went to use them and couldn't find them anywhere. I checked at my computer (where I'd been pulling threads) --- not there. Checked the drawer full of scissors --- not there either. I moved the recliner and looked on the floor --- not there. I even ran my hands down the sides of the cushions --- no dice. I couldn't find the frigging scissors anywhere!!!!

This week at work we got a double discount coupon, so I decided to just buy a new pair of scissors. I figured that as soon as I put on nail polish to mark them I'd find the other pair, but since they were on sale and I got 30% off, it was worth it. I brought them home and left them in the bag for the time being.

Fast forward to 12 midnight last night. I heard some furniture-moving noises so I came to see what was up. Mama had misplaced her pair of little scissors, so Dad was moving her recliner and anything else he could look under. That made us two pairs down. They were about to give up for the night when I got the flashlight and got down on the floor (I don't concentrate too well standing on my head) to look under the chair at the machinery. There was a glint of metal --- success! I used the telescoping magnet to pull them out. They hit the floor, but hey, they were found! Then Dad saw something else in there --- turns out the first missing pair were in the same darn place! Guess Mama will have to stop putting the scissors on her lap. LOL

Now I just have to decide whether to keep the new pair or not! :o)

Dang! Am I good or what?


Rosebud Collection said...

Really nice blog and one that I can relate to..I am always losing something..Our house is quite old, 1832, so I always blame a ghost..what the heck, it sometimes works for me.

Krazy Kate Designs said...

That's so funny ladybugs. I have the same solution, buy lot's of scissors. I have the computer desk scissors, two pairs of sewing scissors, kitchen scissors and a whole tub of craft scissors.

Chris Stone said...

I have a 3 pr of regular scissors... 2 regular hammers and about 3 more of different types of hammers... and screwdrivers... and...

but its 'cause of the same problem. I find that tools that are used a lot... I need to have more than 1!

Annabelle said...

He, he, he. Too funny!


Joseph said...

+2 pair Scissors in the kitchen
+Scissors in the desk in the entryway
+Scissors in the desk in the office next to the entryway
+Scissors in the bedroom desk
+Thread cutting scissors in the same desk in the bedroom
+Scissors in the bathroom in the bedroom
+Barber scissors in the medicine cabinet in the same bathroom
+Moustache scissors in the same medicine cabinet in the same bathroom.
+Fingernail scissors in the kit in the other drawer of the same bathroom.
+Spare moustache scissors in the same other drawer of the same bathroom.
+Another set of thread cutting scissors next to the sewing machine in the living room.
+And a few nippers and trimmers of various sorts in the tool kits in the garage.

I am Ladybuggz brother

Ladybuggz said...

and obviously inherited the same scissor-packrat gene LOL