Friday, May 9, 2008

The Gray is Creeping Up on Me

My mother was 38 when I was born and had a lot of gray hair. Her older sister was completely gray well before 30. Both of them kept it covered up for years.

I've had some gray hair for several years, mainly in my bangs. It really hasn't bothered me except for the gray being wiry and not wanting to behave itself. I was just happy I didn't turn gray in my 30s or even 20s, like my mother and aunt. I was actually more stressed before it showed up, half afraid I'd gray early and half wishing I had some so people wouldn't think I was a teenager. :o)

I decided to take some photos of my hair after a coworker commented on how much gray I had (she's several inches taller, so she could see it). Now I'm kind of depressed.

The gray is much more prevalent than I thought. Those aren't blonde highlights in these pix, that's gray. :o(

So much for youth. :o)

1 comment:

nootlebot said...

eh gray hair schmay hair!
dont let a few little strands get you down!