Sunday, May 4, 2008

Run for your lives, the scissors are taking over the house!!

In my last post about the Great Scissor Hunt I mentioned the drawer full of scissors. Just thought I'd list the contents:

1 pair Gingher shears
1 pair Fiskars spring shears
1 pair Fiskars spring pinkers
2 pairs Gingher lightweight shears
1 pair pink-handled Tonic shears
1 pair Gingher buttonhole scissors
1 pair gold stork scissors
1 pair Gingher applique scissors
1 pair Gingher tailor's points
1 pair double-curved embroidery scissors, maker unknown
1 Fiskars 45mm rotary cutter and blades
1 Gingher sharpening stone, never used

All of these live in a shoebox in the top drawer of the chest by the Singer 401-A. And I have a pair of curved embroidery scissors in with my embroidery notions.

Then, of course, there's the 4 pairs of embroidery scissors mentioned in my last post. We also have 2 pairs of the old orange-handled Fiskars, one of which lives with the Wiss embroidery scissors in the utility room. And there's an old coffee can in there with 2 pairs of Wiss pinkers (7.5" and 9"), 2 pairs of Wiss shears, 2 pairs of long barber scissors (one pair rusty and wallered out, but why toss them? Someday we'll find a use for them.), and a pair of thinning scissors.

Wait, that's not all!! We have 3 pairs of household scissors in the desk drawer, including one pair with Teflon blades. On my dresser is another pair of basic scissors, and finally, there's another pair in the office desk drawer.

Whew!! That's a lot of scissors!

Oh no, I just found some more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


the jewelry :ninja! said...

goodness. that's a lot.
about as many as we have.

Gallery Juana said...

I guess you are definitely prepared with the right type of scissors for any crafty occassion!

Gallery Juana

Infinite Cosmos said...

wowza! and i thought i had lots of scissors!

Debs said...

Oh my! And I thought we had a lot in our house.