Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Water, water everywhere . . . . . . . . but not at home

It's pouring outside as I sit here in the lobby of a LaQuinta, waiting to get in touch with a customer to arrange a delivery time. I'm sitting here because our water is off at home due to a major leak under the house.

I'd been hearing something in my bathroom for a few days, but the toilet is old and sometimes just runs a little. You get used to it. However, when I was getting ready for bed Sunday night the noise was louder --- and definitely NOT the toilet. Yesterday the plumber came out and fixed the leak under the tub area. Unfortunately, he ran into two more problems: first, when he turned the water back on there was another leak (and yes, it's under the toilet). Second, he hurt his shoulder and nearly couldn't get out from under the house! Now he has to get a shot and wait a couple days before he can work again. :o( He also suggested leaving the water off during that time since it's really wet and muddy down there. But with this rain today, I don't think it's going to dry out much.

The worst part (besides the unexpected costs) is that we're getting ready to go out of town Sunday and Mama and I have outfits we need to finish. Failing that, we have to do a lot of laundry in order to wear something else on the trip.

Going back and forth between the house and a hotel in the rain is not how I planned to spend my days off.

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