Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're off to see the Bishop!

Tomorrow a friend of the family, Msgr. Michael Duca, will be ordained and installed as Bishop of Shreveport, Louisiana. So we're leaving this afternoon. We'll stay the night and come back tomorrow afternoon. There are so many people coming, whether by car or bus, that the ceremony had to be moved from the cathedral, which seats about 350, to the convention center, which will hold 6,000!

My parents have known Msgr. Duca since he was a child (our dads are good friends), and he's known me since I was a youngster. He graduated from elementary and high school with my eldest sister and went straight into the seminary. I might see another bishop installed, but it's very unlikely it would be someone I actually know.


James H said...

Ijope you had a great time. It was a beautiful service

Toushonta said...

I wish him much success!