Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cool tie crazy!

This past week I decided to cut out and seam about 2 dozen cool ties from some new fabrics. Not satisfied with that, I hauled out the drawer of already seamed ties and started ironing. And ironing and ironing . . . . .

So far I have ironed and turned 62 ties! About half are ready for filling, and the others need one last pass of the iron (NOT my favorite crafting activity). And there are about 30 more left to begin ironing on. :o(

Fate works in mysterious ways. I woke up today to a sale of four (!) cool ties on, all different. I had three in my inventory, and just luckily the fourth fabric is in the 75% done pile --- just needs filling and sewing and then all four are on their way.

She ordered the brown, the green frogs, the ladybugs on yellow, and the purple/blue swirl.

And if I hadn't been bored to the point of ironing, I probably wouldn't have gotten the sale. :o)


Hold the wire!!!!! While I was blogging here, I got ANOTHER order that included the ladybugs and swirls. Now I have to dig out the fabrics, because I don't have another ladybug in the pipeline (I've got a swirl in process). That makes 7 ties sold today.

YIPPIE for multiple sales!!!!

Update: I found out that I don't have a purple tie in the pipeline, but I do have some more fabric. Whew!!! Thought I was going to have to get her to make another choice or refund her money for one tie (and I've never done a refund).

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