Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My late lamented thumbnail

A week ago I was trying to hoop a recalcitrant towel when I ripped part of my right thumbnail. I slathered it with clear polish and went on with my work. I almost forgot about it being ripped, until I was washing my hair. LOL

On Saturday as we were coming home
from the show, my thumbnail gave up the ghost. Luckily it followed the curve of the quick so it didn't really hurt. I saved the nail (yes, I'm weird), and took pictures when I got home (make that extremely weird).

I know it could have been a lot worse (and it has been in the past), but it's really a pain in the left ventricle not having any nail on my right thumb. To pick up a pair of embroidery scissors I have to slide one fingerloop over the edge of the table since there's no nail to lift it up. Using the touch screen on the handhelds at work is awkward --- my other nails are too short to use without hitting 2 spots at once. I don't understand how people manage with really short nails. I relied on that nail for a lot of things, and it'll be at least 2 months before I have any decent length to it. :o(

The show was okay but slow. I didn't have a huge number of customers, but the last one made up for the whole day. She came up as we were starting to pack up, and bought $64(!!!!) worth of stuff --- 2 blankets, a burpcloth, a set of mitts, a toddler apron, and a bookcover without trying to haggle. Now I have to restock a few items, and then I'll be set for this weekend.


kim* said...

haha not weird at all, sometimes we just need to do things that are considered odd just to get passed it and share it with everyone just to have somewhere out there that can relate.

Debs said...

My fingers all look like the 'after' picture. That's cos I pick them when I get nervous or bored. One day I might manage to grow them to be longer, but I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

owies are no fun.

Licia said...

it drives me nuts to have that "my nail is too short" feeling! I tend to keep mine at a very specific length that agrees with beading, typing and gardening.

Maybe you could sell it on ebay...stranger things have sold. :)