Friday, November 21, 2008

Freezing down here in Texas

The weather update on my computer says it's 44, but both of our outdoor thermometers say it's in the mid-30s. All I really know is, I'm about to freeze!

Early last month we had our window frames painted, and to do it the guys had to take off the storm windows. The weather was decent, so it wasn't a real problem. Then my dad decided he wanted to get new film on the windows (what!! the film's only about 30 years old, it's good for years yet ;p), so he didn't put them back on. The place he used originally doesn't do that anymore, and so far he hasn't found anyone else.

It's been a bit cool, but the house stayed warm enough. BUT this week we've been having a real cold snap and the lack of that second pane of glass has made itself known. The only way to get warm is to stand over the air vent, but a) you can't stay there all day and b) even if you could, the heater doesn't stay on all day. (Okay, I could stay in bed, but then I wouldn't get any sewing done. No sewing, no money.)

Right now I'm sitting here in my nightgown and flannel robe, with a crocheted shrug over that, and fuzzy socks, and an afghan over my lap, and I'M STILL COLD!!!!!!!!!! When my hands get cold I can put them under my arms, but neither the robe nor the shrug nor the afghan do anything to keep my nose warm.

I need to crochet myself a nose-warmer. Maybe if I wore that around the house, my dad would put the storm windows back up. :o)

My nose is froze. And my toes is froze. And my feet is froze. And my tail --- um, no, I don't have a tail to freeze.


Michelle said...

How about some hot chocolate? Mmmm....i think i know where i'm headed! hahaha!

Ladybuggz said...

i had hot chocolate and clam chowder for lunch, chili and cornbread for dinner, and i was STILL cold! i've warmed up now, just in time for going to bed.

Missy Ricco said...

Is there absolutely no way that you can arrange the sewing machine on a table over the bed so that you can sew, while you are in bed?

That's what I'd be trying to do!

I love the heat and hate the cold, so I feel your pain. Anything below 20 deg C (which to most would be considered almost balmy) is a reason for me to call for socks and my blanky..