Saturday, November 29, 2008

More newness!

I finished listing all my micromitts; at least, all that
are completed.
I've got several more in various stages of completion, waiting for my next day off. Here's what I listed today and tonight.

This morning I listed the mitts

in my last post
as well as two more:
Golden Leaves and Happy Hanukkah.

Then tonight I added three more sets. First, the Turkey Harvest mitts. I know, I know, Thanksgiving's over, but you could always get a head start for next year! :o)

Next, the Happy Holly Holiday
Believe me, they're not nearly as eye-poppingly bright in person.

Finally, the Autumn Winds
I love this fabric, and if they don't sell quickly I might just have to confiscate these for my own use. :o)

Update Saturday: the Golden Leaves just sold!!!! Yay!!! That makes 2 pairs sold in 2 days!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Friends,

What best of all, Dollar or Euro? This question worry many peoples.
But only you make your choice! Remember - your love and your personal intelligence make you rich. :)


Nicole said...

Those mitts are super cute!