Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Even though it's chilly and stormy, the Easter Bunny made an appearance here with lots of goodies. All "bunny assistants" managed to find chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs, which are much enjoyed at this home, plus assorted sweets.

We were very surprised at Mass this morning. Most Sundays the 7:30 Mass has about 300 people. Today we had around 900! (Guess we had a lot of "Easter Catholics", as well as those who wanted to have the rest of the day clear for family get-togethers.) Getting out of church was difficult, not just because of the larger-than-usual attendance, but also all the people trying to come in for the next Mass before it started raining again. :o)

I don't have to work today -- Easter is one of the three days a year we're closed (the others are Thanksgiving and Christmas). My manager is really happy, because it's the first real day off she's had since our former manager resigned. She's looking forward to having a new manager named so she can go back to being the assistant manager.

Have a hoppy Easter!

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kim* said...

yes the bunny comes out like santa rain or shine :)