Friday, June 26, 2009

25 down, 75 left to go

Last night I finished the first batch of 25 ties -- 5 of each print. Now I'm sitting here surfing the web and trimming all the threads before I fold them up. Tomorrow I plan to seam the next batch. Hopefully I'll have the next 25 done by next Friday. Then I'll have half of them done!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Making progress . . .

i finished 10 ties this morning, and got another 10 ready for filling. By this evening I'll have 1/4 of the ties finished!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

5 down, only 95 to go

Today I got the first five ties finished. That's either 1/20 of the whole, or 1/5 of the first batch. I think I prefer the latter description . . . . .

I have 10 more ready for filling tomorrow. I'd do them tonight, but my back is sore from bending over the computer and sewing machine all day.

Instead, I'm going to trim threads from the finished ties while I surf the web. :o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

100 cool ties in a month !!!!!

This past week I got an order for 100 cool ties!!!!!

When Larry and Carol of Custom Shirts by Carol decided they couldn't fill a request, they referred the customer to me after seeing my shop on Etsy. We emailed back and forth, and Friday the deal was struck. Thanks, Larry and Carol.

Today I pressed 14+ yards of car-themed fabric and cut out all 100 ties. (Actually, I cut 102, but the rotary cutter got a little distracted
on two of them. LOL) Now all I have to do is sew, press, turn, press, sew, fill, sew, sew, and sew some more in order to have them delivered by August 15.

When I get a few made up, I'll post them here.