Saturday, August 1, 2009

I pressed 70 ties today,

28 yesterday, and 43 on Thursday, and I think I'm about to die. I'm tired and my ankle is swollen from sitting too long at the ironing board. :o(

But I have found an easier way to do the first pressing. I've been using a mini crafter's iron to open the seam, then using my big steam iron to set the seam. This time I tried using our travel iron -- it's got steam and weight but it's a lot lighter than the big iron, and I only have to make one pass across each tie. It worked like a dream. Yay! The only drawback is the small water reservoir -- I had to refill it quite a few times, but the decrease in time, weight, and effort is worth it.

Now I've got my feet up (sort of) and have started turning the ties. I should probably get them done tonight, so tomorrow I will probably start doing the second pressing. Yippee-skippie.


AJ said...

I don't know how you do it!!

Ladybuggz said...

neither do I ;P

circleinthesand said...

wow, I'm just impressed that you can iron while sitting down. I'm not coordinated enough to do that!!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Holy moly! Incidentally, I haven't used an iron in more than a decade. When I had to iron slacks while I was traveling, I had to stare long and hard at the settings on the hotel iron before using it. I gave up and just waited for it to get hot. Hot's good. All the other stuff? Couldn't figure it out and stopped caring. I know. Pathetic!