Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where does the time go?

It's been nearly a month since my last entry. In that time, I've been occupied with the following:
  • work
  • six houseguests, 4 of them preteen/teen boys
  • migraines
  • work
  • starting a major embroidery project, involving seven and a half yards of drapery weight suedecloth
  • trying to salvage seriously broken nails
  • work
  • taking pictures of rainbows and roses
  • general laziness
  • more work
  • waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many sessions of playing games on POGO.com
I kept trying to think of something to write about with no luck. I composed a lot of posts, but I never remembered them when I woke up in the morning. ;P

This morning I started cutting pieces of the suedecloth, but stopped when I decided I needed a different quilting ruler -- one that's longer than the blocks of fabric I'm using. I'm going to to be making 40 (or more, counting mistakes) doohickeys to lay over the back of pews to mark them as reserved. Each doohickey has to be embroidered on both ends, so that's 80 renditions of the same design, and then I have to sew them together. I'll post pix when I get a few done.

Auf wiedersehen. A bientot. Ciao.


Lydia said...

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Chris Stone said...

lol. it looks like you are in the grips of blog funk too! thanks for stopping by. hope you survived the pre-teen boys without too many disasters!