Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Has it really been a year since I last posted?

My, how time flies. I kept thinking of things to post, but always at the wrong time -- lying in bed, at work, reading the paper.

So, what's happened in my life?

-- I made a bunch of lugga
ge and key tags and listed them on Etsy. I've even sold a few.

-- We finally buried my uncle in May. He donated his body to science, so we had to wait
until they were finished with him.

-- I embroidered forty favor bags for a 52nd high school reunion. I hope I make it that long.

-- My mother is losing her memory. It seems like I spend my days telling her what day or date it is and repeating things.

-- The store manager got transferred right after Halloween, and the former assistant came back from the new store she was managing to take his place. Now she's off to yet another new store, and we're currently without an official manager. So it's a team effort right now. Upside is I'm getting extra hours because we're shorthanded.

-- For the first time in the almost 17 years I've worked at my job, a current coworker has died. We had a really nice teenage boy working for us -- eager to learn, tall (very important, we're mostly shorties :o) ), apparently happy. Note the "apparently". A week ago he committed suicide.

Here's hoping I can remember to post more often in the coming year, and with less depressing stuff.

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Rosebud Collection said...

First I want to thank you for the nice wishes..now, I want to say..You sold tags on Etsy..that is positive.
Your mom..is she busy?..does she do crosswords? I ask this, because if she was always busy and does nothing now..a sure sign for not remembering.
The mind is a funny thing.
Wishing you good thoughts and lots of luck. Rosebud.