Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Once again we celebrate our nation's birth with food, fun, and fireworks. I haven't gone to a fireworks show in years, but I will definitely be enjoying the first two. :o)

In an hour or so we'll be going to the annual bash at our local Knights of Columbus hall. Inside there's a great fried chicken dinner, a cake wheel, a silent auction, and bingo!! I love bingo, but I only get to play it on July 4th. Half the proceeds go to charity, the rest to the players. One year I won $23!

Outside there's a wonderful pool for those who swim, and today it's free! And the cantina is open for refreshments, as well as barbecue available around the pool.

When we get home, we'll watch the National Fourth of July Concert on PBS, and listen to the local fireworks boom. What a great day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day!

Missed seeing A Capitol Fourth for the first time in years. We went out for dinner with my brother and forgot all about the concert. :o(

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Krazy Kate Designs said...

Sounds wonderful, have fun Ladybugs!