Thursday, December 11, 2008

Micromitts are Hot!

Since my last post I've sold the mitts/heartpads special order, the custom mitts, and two more pairs!

Yoboseiyo of Etsy ordered this set for a friend. The heartpads each reverse to the other fabric.

Another customer wanted a set in black, white, and red, and this is what I came up with. She loves them. :o)

One of my first pairs sold -- the Aqua Dotty mitts. Unfortunately, I don't have any more of this fabric. :o(

And Tuesday night I listed these Star of David mitts, and someone snapped them up within an hour or so!

I listed 3 more pairs of holiday mitts last night, and I have 3 pairs of "manly man-sized" mitts to cut out and assemble tomorrow so I can list them Saturday. They're about 1" wider and 1/2--1" longer than my regular mitts -- great for guys who survive by nuking takeout. ;P


Right As Rain Creations said...

That is awesome!! :D Congrats on the sales - I know I love my micro mitts!

lunaticg said...

what a great micromitts you have here. Is that custom made by you? Wish I can have some of them.

See you around.

Suldog said...

They're really quite excellent. I can't think of anyone on my list in need of them at the moment, but if and when I do, I'll be sure to check back here. Continued good luck on the selling!